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At Atlantic Counselling Cornwall, I offer clients the opportunity to explore any difficulties they are experiencing in a private and respectful way.

There are always very good reasons for thinking, feeling, and behaving in the way that we do. It is helpful to better understand these reasons and to be able to change our lives for the better.

A willingness to gain personal insight and feel more empowered to enhance life can be a frightening yet enlightening and worthwhile process. It is a process well worth embarking on with a qualified therapist as this allows for personal growth and increased self-awareness, enabling a resolution of difficulties that may otherwise prevent optimal living.

The work that I do at Atlantic Counselling Cornwall allows for this process to unfold at a pace that is suitable for the client, in an empathic, warm and non-judgemental way.

I am proud to be registered as a Senior Accredited Counsellor with The National Counselling Society. For more information about me and the services that I can offer to you, please head to the menu.