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Therapies offered


May I just say a big thank you for the past three years. I have learned so much from you and you have been amazing’. Client

I cannot thank you enough for giving my life back to me’. Client

Now I get it…I understand why…what a relief! Thank you for offering me time, patience, and such kindness along the way.Client

As a result of spending those few months with you I feel a lot more prepared for what might unfold over the coming year…. It’s gonna be a rough ride for everyone, but for my part, I now feel a lot more prepared ….and for that I’d like to say a huge thanks.’ Client

You have been such an inspiration and support to me over the last year…Client

I am grateful for all that we have done together. It has helped me to understand myself better…. Thank you for your kindness.Client

‘This is a small token of the gratitude I feel for everything you have done for me…the help, support and encouragement that you have offered me. You have lifted me up and enabled me to dare to travel roads I have always been too afraid to go. With your help, I now understand that although some of life’s journeys are far from easy they might just be possible. The whole counselling experience has been both the best and the hardest experience I have endured, but I am so grateful that you have been such an integral part of it; you are such a warm, kind and caring person, and a real credit to the counselling profession.’ Client 

‘Simply, you have saved my life and there are no words to express my gratitude for that’ Client